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FAQ International Wilderness Guide Program

1. What kind of studies or work experience do you need before you can apply?

None. But we expect that you already do Nature based hobbies like canoeing, hiking, Nature photography, fishing… Anything which can tell that you like it out there.

2. How much is the Course fee?

Yes, the fee is only 750€. A place at the dormitory 100€/month. You do not need to order a place from the dorm in advance as there is space for everyone.

3. Is there a payment for expeditions?

The expeditions we do are part of the study plan. You do not need to pay for the travelling, only for your food.

4. What kind of gear do I need?

You need weather proof clothing and a basic wilderness kit: sleeping bag, matress, camp stove, compass, head torch. For winter trips we provide the skis and a sled. During the very first weeks of the program we will visit some outdoor shops. You have then enough time to decide what kind gear you still need.

5. How does the application process work?

We collect applications continuously until the dead-line date (mid_April). During the last part of April we contact applicants by e-mail to agree upon the interview. Those living in Finland are invited to Tampere for a face to face interview. People from abroad we contact by Skype.