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Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration

Would you like to develop your international expertise? Do you dream of becoming an export assistant, international customer service professional, an entrepreneur, sales consultant or sales support person?

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Merja Helin

Application period 21.2.-14.3.2017
Interviews 20.4.2017

Instructions_for_applying.pdf [pdf, 107 KB]

Customer Service and Sales

Tampere Vocational College Tredu is offering Business studies in English. The program provides broad basic skills for customer service and sales in international context. This three-year training program is for you to develop your skills into an international expert with strong customer service background, good language skills and ability to work in different cultural environments.

Who can apply

This program is for those who have completed basic education (round nine years) with a good command in English language. No high school graduates can be accepted.

Studies include

In addition to Customer Service and English language skills, the studies provide expertise in International Trade support services, International Trade Environment and Communications. Entrepreneurial skills, basic Financial Management and Office Services are part of the studies. International networking during the study period includes on-the-job learning in Finland or abroad.

You will have the opportunity to build future contacts as well as exposing yourself to job opportunities. If you want to take part in international student exchanges, projects and tutoring, there will be good opportunities for you.

The studies also directly prepare you for the labour market or contribute to the postgraduate studies. It is also possible to study general upper secondary education and complete matriculation examinations in four subjects (Finnish as a mother tongue, Swedish, Mathematics and English). These studies are done during daytime (the language of instruction: Finnish).

Application process and important dates


Applicants that are eligible will be interviewed during 20.4.2017 (applicants living abroad can be interviewed via Skype). Interview includes both group- and individual assignments conducted in English. Bring with you pen, picture of yourself and identity identification (ID).

Interview is formed out of two parts: group assignment and personal interview, altogether 0-10 points.

1. Communication skills and knowledge of English 0-5 p.

2. Interest in the study field 0-5 p

More information

Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration, Study Programmes [pdf, 1 MB]