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Finnish Education System

The standard of the Finnish educational system is high. All study programmes in vocational qualifications take 3 years (120 credits) to complete and students are eligible to continue their studies at the higher education level (Universities and Polytechnics). It is also possible to combine theoretical (matriculation examination) and vocational upper secondary studies and get two certificates at the same time. This option would take 4 years to complete.

In initial vocational upper secondary level there are 52 vocational qualifications including a total of 112 different study programmes. In all the programmes there is a compulsory minumum of 6 month period of on-the-job learning. An initial vocational qualification can be completed in the form of either institutional education or apprenticeship training. In addition to these, a vocational qualification can also be taken as a competence-based examination evaluated by an examination board.

In Finnish vocational education there are eight study sectors. Tampere Vocational College Tredu works on all of them.

  • Culture Sector
  • Social Sciences, Business and Administration Sector
  • Natural Sciences Sector
  • Technology, Communications and Transport Sector
  • Natural Resources and the Environment Sector
  • Social Services, Health and Sports Sector
  • Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services Sector
  • Leisure and Physucal Education Sector