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What is Tredu?

Tampere Vocational College Tredu is a regional upper secondary level college in the second largest city region in Finland. The City of Tampere is the official education provider under which Tampere Vocational College Tredu operates. The college in its current form is rather new as former Tampere College and Pirkanmaa Educational Consortium were united 1.1.2013. Although, roots of Vocational Colleges in Tampere date back to 1890's.

Nowadays there are approximately 12 500 basic vocational qualification students, 1800 further qualification students, 1200 specialist qualification students. Around 500 students take part in preparatory training and yearly over 1700 persons are participating in other types of training arranged by Tredu with its 1000 staff members. This all makes Tredu the second largest vocational college in Finland.

International Tredu

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Tampere Vocational College Tredu is an active player in international activities. In Tredu, every member of students and staff is offered a possibility to internationalize themselves through various ways. International atmosphere can be sensed in Tredu campuses through different people and visitors with various backgrounds, thematic happenings and not least by internationally-oriented content in the curricula. Certain vocational qualifications or parts os them can also be studied completely in English.

Tredu Education Export - Helping to Keep Your City Working

Tredu’s education export team provide global delivery of Finnish education expertise, frameworks and products within the vocational education sector.


Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare 's picture of a recommendation to use a mask

Please, come to vocational school only in a good state of health. Stay home from school if you have flu symptons.

The mask recommendation applies to the entire Tredu until the end of the school year. Students acquire and pay for the masks themselves.