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Vocational Qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services

Tampere Vocational College Tredu offers restaurant and catering service studies in English. This program provides diverse skills for cooking, serving, sales and customer service roles. Studying in multicultural groups, attending in the international student exchanges and project will prepare you for the international tasks at the restaurant field.

Vocational Qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services graduates are able to plan and carry out food preparation or customer service tasks and work in sales in the catering sector. They work in a sales-minded, customer service oriented and quality conscious manner and profitably, productively, and responsibly as well as operate in compliance with hygiene requirements, and sustainable operating practices.

The students may specialize in waitering or cooking tasks according to one’s interest.

Content of the degree

The scope of the Vocational Qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services is 180 competence points. The qualification is composed of vocational units (145 competence points) and common units (35 competence points).

The vocational qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services has two competence areas and qualification titles:

  • competence area of customer service (waiter/waitress) and
  • competence area of food services (cook).

The preliminary selection of the competence area will be done in the application document. In this program, you can learn more Finnish if needed, or focus on foreign languages. Tredu provides perfect facilities for training at the college’s own lunch restaurant Elmeri and cafeteria Eevi, before the on-the-job periods in Finland or abroad.

Do double examination

It is possible to prepare for the national matriculation examinations during the studies and combine the general upper secondary education with this in five subjects (Finnish, English, Swedish, Mathematics, German, Social studies or Health Education). These studies are carried out during daytime, the language of instruction in Finnish.

Requirements for student selection and application info

  • Qualification equivalent to Finnish basic Education of nine years, (note that no high school or upper secondary education graduates can be accepted)
  • Good command in English language
  • Interest in Business and / or entrepreneurship
  • Basic knowledge of Finnish language is required (A1.3)

The education is mainly targeted at the applicatns of EU or people living in Finland. For foreign applicants, a connection (i.g. relatives, spouse etc.) to Finland is mandatory as well as a guardian or contact person in Tampere region for applicants under 18 years old minors.