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International Wilderness Guide

The essential topics of the program are, among other things, wilderness skills, nature and tourism, entrepreneurship and marketing skills, customer service and knowledge of human nature, knowledge of culture and a specialization topic.

NOTE: The National Board of Education is forming new requirements for competence based qualification.

New requirements can cause changes into the Curriculum.

The application period for 2018-19 program has ended. From now on the new applications are considered for the 2019-2020 program.

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The aim of the program is to train the students to take the Nature and Wilderness Guide's Proficiency test and to create an international co-operation network as early as possible during their studies. This will help the students to create their own businesses after they achieve their Diploma. In addition, the development of language skills in English is an essential aim of their studies. The work language on the program is English.

Hakuaika: - 13.4.2020
Toteutus: 17.8.2020 - 11.6.2021


Metsätien toimipiste, Ylöjärvi


Course fee is 1000 €. Accommodation in the College's dormitory cost 140,- €/month, deposit of the dormitory key 50 €.


16 students will be admitted. The final selection is made after an interview.



Mikko Oinonen
puhelin +358407161887
sähköposti if.erepmat@nenoniO.okkiM

Further information
Timo Järvenpää
puhelin +358405394750
sähköposti if.erepmat@aapnevraj.omit

International Wilderness Guide