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Vocational Qualification in the Restaurant and Catering Service, Waiter or Waitress

Would you like to develop your international expertise? Do you dream of working in Customer Service in an international restaurant or possibly working at a tourism center in the international environment?

Tredu offers studies in Restaurant and Catering Services in English as a part of vocational qualification in the restaurant industry. Program provides broad basic skills for customer service and work in a restaurant, staff restaurant, bar or restaurant in international context. This program is for you to develop your skills into an international expert with strong customer service background, good language skills and ability to work in different cultural environments.

In addition to customer service and English language skills, the studies provide expertise in selling and serving meals and beverages, cafeteria services and conference services. International networking during the study period includes on-the-job learning in Finland or abroad. During the studies you can also take part in international student exchanges, projects and tutoring.

Hakuaika: - 17.6.2019

Application and further information

Requirements for student selection

This program is for those who have completed basic education of nine years, have good command in English and are interested in catering services work. Basic knowledge of Finnish language is an advantage.
For foreign applicants, connection to Finland as well as a guardian or contact person in Tampere region, is recommended, and mandatory for applicants under 18 years old minors.

Application and entrance exam

The application period is 13th May–17th June 2019.

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Interviews will be held on 19th June 2019 at Tredu Pyynikki campus, (Santalahdentie 10, Tampere).

Studies begin on 7th August 2019.

Application process

1. Application period is 13th May–17th June 2019. Notice that the application form is available only during the application period.

2. Invitation to the entrance exams. All eligible students with basic education certificate will be invited to the entrance exam by email.

3. Confirm attending the entrance exams by email.

4. Entrance exam / interviews in English will be held on Tuesday 16th April 2019 at Santalahdentie campus (Santalahdentie 10, Tampere). Entrance exam is evaluated as followed: Communication skills and knowledge of English 0-5 p. / Interest in the study field 0-5 p

5. In case you graduate from basic education in 2019, you also need to send a copy of your basic education certificate to Tredu Application office latest on 6th of June 2019.

6. The results of student selection will be announced on 13th of June 2019.

7. The study place has to be accepted latest by 20th June 2019 if you've received the announcement of your acceptance by 13th of June. If you've been interviewed on 19th of June, please send your acceptance latest by 31.7.2019.

Further information:

Katri Karvinen

tel +358407115371 (more information available by phone until 7.6.2019)
email katri.karvinen@tampere.fi

Guidance counsellor (more information available by phone until 17.6.2019)
Merja Helin
tel +358408257240
email Merja.Helin@tampere.fi