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Vocational Qualification in Tourism Industry, Hotel Services

Would you like to develop your international expertise? Do you dream of working in customer service in an international hotel or possibly working at a travel center in the international environment?

Tredu is offering studies as a hotel receptionist in English as a part of vocational qualification in the tourism industry. Program provides broad basic skills for customer service and work in a hotel in international context. This 18 months till two year hotel training program is for you to develop your skills into an international expert with strong customer service background, good language skills and ability to work in different cultural environments. This program is for those who have completed studies equivalent to a Finnish matriculation examination or upper secondary vocational education and who have good command in English and Finnish languages.

In addition to customer service and English language skills, the studies provide expertise in hotel services and tourism environment. International networking during the study period includes on-the-job learning in Finland or abroad. During the studies you can also take part in international student exchanges, projects and tutoring.

Hakuaika: 18.2.2020 - 10.3.2020

Application and further information

Studies begin : 31.8.2020
The lenght of the education: According to the personal plan 1,5 - 2 years.

Application time: 18.2.-10.3.2020.
Application form is only open during that time.

Entrance exams / Admission interviews for Tredu’s programs in English (Vocational Qualification in Tourism Industry/ Restaurant and Catering Services/ Business)

Bacause of the exceptional circumstances due to coronavirus, Tredu’s admission interviews will be held as a Teams online video-meetings. The eligible applicants will receive invitation to the interview, including the exact personal interview time, by the end of March, and in addition, the link to the video-meeting a day before the interview by email.

Pääsykokeet/ Valintahaastattelut Tredun englanninkielisiin koulutuksiin (Matkailualan perustutkinto/ Ravintola- ja Cateringalan perustutkinto/ Liiketoiminnan perustutkinto)

Johtuen corona-viruksen aiheuttamasta poikkeustilanteesta Tredun valintahaastattelut järjestetään Teamsin kautta video-neuvotteluina verkossa. Kaikki hakukelpoiset hakijat saavat maaliskuun loppuun mennessä ​kutsun haastatteluun, sisältäen oman henkilökohtaisen haastatteluajan, sekä päivää ennen haastattelua linkin video-haastatteluun sähköpostitse.

NOTE! Applications without attached school certificates cannot be taken into consideration, make sure you send attachments, too!

Ulkoinen linkkiApplication form: Vocational Qualification in the Tourism Industry, Hotel Services

Further information:

Anne Tyynelä
email anne.tyynela@tampere.fi

Guidance councelor
Merja Helin
tel. +358408257240
email merja.helin@tampere.fi