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Vocational Qualification in Business

Business skills are needed in all sectors of the working life. The Vocational Qualification in Business provides broad basic skills for Customer service, Sales and Marketing communications in international context. Graduates have a wide range of professional skills centered around business, including entrepreneurship, project management and event production. Tredu provides various learning environments for organizing events and start-up spaces for young entrepreneurs to learn by doing. International exchanges and on-the-job learning periods abroad are an optional part of the study program.

Business graduates are qualified to work in various business-related jobs such as customer service, sales and marketing communications and in event production in international environments. They can also be entrepreneurs.

Business graduate is a customer-oriented business expert with good communication and interaction skills as well as language skills. Other important things to do in this field are:

  • number precision
  • initiative
  • good IT capabilities
  • entrepreneurial attitude
  • teamwork skills
  • developing one's own skills
  • self-leadership
  • good social media and digital skills

Why to study Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration in Tredu? A video made by students tells you why they did decide to study in Tredu.

Vocational Qualification in Business

Vocational Qualification in Business (180 competence points) provides a broad and solid basic knowledge of business administration. The graduate has customer-oriented business and economical skills, communication and interaction skills, and language skills.

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