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Course in Finnish language and culture

For immigrants

The course in Finnish language and culture is intended to develop the student’s ability to communicate and cope in the Finnish language in various different situations. The course provides skills and cultural knowledge necessary in Finnish society in general and in vocational education in particular.

The main emphasis of the course is learning the Finnish language. The course also teaches, besides Finnish language and culture, education and job market knowledge, societal and cultural knowledge, health education, IT skills and mathematics.

Hey! This course is right for you, if

  • you want to learn to use Finnish in a variety of situations
  • you want to know about the life and culture of Finnish people
  • you can read and write in the Latin alphabet without issue
  • you’ve gone to school in your homeland
  • you’re able to attend school actively and do your homework

New classes begin in January and August. Both groups have a capacity of 20 students.
  • group 1. initial language level 0 (5 month course)
  • group 2. initial language level A1.3 (5 month course)

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