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Tredu will move to teaching and learning remotely from March 17

Julkaistu 16.3.2020 20.10

Tredu will move to teaching and learning remotely from March 17 to May 29, 2020. The duration of distance-learning is constantly being evaluated. The situation is exceptional and requires flexibility, independent initiative and responsibility from staff and students.

Distance-learning is a precaution in order to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. According to information which we have, there has been no coronavirus infection detected in staff or among the students.

Common principles and guidelines

  • Distance-learning requires students to be independent and responsible.
  • The implementations of distance-learning and teaching vary. Distance-learning follows, when applicable, the timetable / personal competence development plan (HOKS) and the specific contingency plans.
  • Tasks are instructed and completed for example via Wilma, Moodle, Teams, FuturalSkills or WhatsApp.
  • Learning that happens in a workplace follows workplace guidelines.
  • Tredu doesn’t provide any catering during distance learning.
  • Students use their own computers and smartphones. Tredu's offices are open, so in exceptional circumstances distance learning can also be done on-site at school.
  • Tasks that are open to all are also distributed at: Ulkoinen
  • Students can pick up their belongings from the school.
  • Skills demonstrations are customized on a case-by-case basis and can be arranged in the school, avoiding group situations.
  • Student Health Care can be found at Ulkoinen
  • Guidance is provided for distance learning when needed.

Vocational education is practical – this will affect the content of distance learning

Vocational training is practical, which affects distance learning. Tredu students usually study at the workplace and at 14 schools. They study 26 different vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications. Distance-learning and teaching remotely is designed to serve each student in the best possible way. Particularly in areas where the theoretical education is scarce, the focus will be on the tasks that support vocational competence.

More information

Manager, vocational education
Outi Kallioinen
puhelin 044 423 5473

Interview Requests: Communications and marketing manager
Tarja Luukko
puhelin 050 331 0112