Our Strategy

Strategic focuses of Tredu’s strategic programme 2019–2022

    • Tredu is profiled as a pioneer in the introduction of new technologies.
    • In all its actions, Tredu takes into consideration the impact of future technologies on different professions’ changes and skill requirements. Some of these are robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, well-being technology, virtualisation, augmented reality, programming, data analytics, identification and digital business economy.
    • Tredu makes use of virtual learning environments and teaching technology that is independent of time and place.
    • Tredu operates in industrial ecosystems and innovation ecosystems both locally and nationally.
    • Tredu has an entrepreneurial operating culture and encourages its students into entrepreneurship. Students develop the knowledge and skills required in entrepreneurship. Tredu and its students actively use the services of local businesses.
    • Tredu promotes its staff’s entrepreneurship know-how. The staff has well-developed knowledge and ability to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities as well as to operate in networks.
    • Tredu operates as an active network partner to promote entrepreneurship.
    • Tredu creates a healthy and safe society by training professionals into being active world citizens and to continuously maintain their ability to work and study.
    • Tredu graduates are responsible and professional citizens who are aware of the meaning of ecological, social and financial sustainability for the future and for a good life.
    • Tredu takes care of its students in a fair way.
    • Tredu promotes professional transformation according to the principles of a sustainable way of life.
    • Tredu’s actions promote sustainable development and circular economy.