Exchange Students

Tredu collaborates with several vocational schools in and outside Europe by sending and receiving students to study and do work-based learning abroad. Exchange periods in Tredu consist of practical learning at school and/or work places.

When a student exchange period has been agreed on between partners, students from Tredu’s partner schools are welcomed and assisted by Tredu’s staff who are happy to help in practical matters (e.g. official agreements, local transportation, accommodation etc.) related to student exchanges.

Tredu has two apartments for exchange students. Each student shares a room with other students. Sharing an apartment with students from other countries offers a great opportunity to enjoy international atmosphere during the exchange period.

Other alternatives for accommodation and general information about the city of Tampere can be found at:

Visit Tampere website

International Tampere website

For more information on student exchange and mobilities in Tredu, please contact our International Relations Coordinators:

Thomas Scherrer
tel. +358 40 806 4199

Ritva Klaavu
tel. +358 50 572 8707

Ene Härkönen
tel. +358 41 730 4420

Anna-Maija Siirtonen
tel. +358 40 800 4018