For Applicants

Welcome to Tampere Vocational College Tredu! We are glad you are interested in studying with us.

Please note that most of our courses are taught in Finnish with the following exceptions:

  • In our English Degree Programs, teaching is in English. However, basic level skills in Finnish are required (see more info on each program’s details under Programs in English on the main menu).
  • Teaching is fully adapted to English or possibly other language in our tailored vocational education solutions for international organizations, companies and other clients.
  • Our study options for immigrants are aimed for those whose native language is not Finnish or Swedish.

If you have the necessary Finnish skills to study our qualifications in Finnish, you can apply to Tredu all year round with continuous admission or through national joint application once a year. The applicant has to prove their Finnish language skills with a suitable certificate.

  • In Tredu, you can study the following vocational qualifications (teaching is in Finnish with the exceptions of our English programs and tailored education for international clients):

    • Aircraft Maintenance
    • Arts and Design
    • Building Maintenance Technology
    • Business
    • Cleaning and Property Maintenance Services
    • Construction
    • Education and Guidance
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology
    • Food Production
    • Forestry
    • Hairdressing and Beauty Care
    • Horticulture
    • Information and Communications Technology
    • Laboratory Technology
    • Logistics
    • Media and Visual Expression
    • Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology
    • Natural and Environmental Protection
    • Process Industry
    • Restaurant and Catering Services
    • Safety and Security
    • Social and Health Care
    • Surface Treatment Technology
    • Technical Design
    • Textiles and Fashion
    • Tourism Industry
    • Vehicle Technology
    • Wood Industry
  • TreduNavi Admission Services assists you in all matters related to applying for our study programmes.

    Contact Tredu’s Admission Services:

  • International Skills Centre (OSKE) offers study and career counselling and competence mapping services. The services are for all international residents of Tampere who are customers of the local government pilot on employment. For more information and to book and appointment please contact:

    If you live outside of Finland and are interested in studying in Tredu, please contact TreduNavi Admissions Services: