Highlights of Tredu’s International Week: events, visits and celebrations

There was a lot going on at Tredu during the last week of September: we had multiple international events at our different locations and we also celebrated the 10-year journey of our Business Studies in English.

During week 39, we had visitors from our international partner schools and also different international events at Tredu’s various locations where you could get information on mobilities and international projects, hear experiences from exchange students and international partners and even learn new languages with our students. Our students also created a Culture Corners -event where you had the opportunity to share experiences on the meaning of international experiences and get to know what it’s like to grow up with and among different cultures.

Tredu’s business students organized a RoadSow and workshops for basic education pupils to also celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tredu’s Vocational Qualification in Business.

Tredu also hosted a live-stream panel discussion on the different ways to learn international skills and on the benefits of international experiences. The panelists included Tredu’s students and staff and a representative from one of our international partner school.

An entire International Valo Business Week was organized at Tredu’s Ylöjärvi location with a variety of international business-related themes and guest lectures.

At Valo, the students received an energetic surprise appearance by one of the Dudesons, Jarno Laasala!

10 years of Business Studies in English: evening party

As a perfect ending to the week, a fun evening party was held to celebrate the 10 years of Business Studies in English at Tredu. In a true practical learning fashion, also our students from different fields of education helped put the party together. This is one of the best aspects of Finnish vocational education and training: you learn by doing actual, real-life tasks and can earn competence points and demonstrate your skills through practical work.

Students from Tredu’s Vocational Qualification in Business took care of some of the event’s marketing and communication tasks. The brilliant hosts for the evening were also from Tredu’s Business Studies in English. The festive decorations for the party were done by Tredu’s business students. Our hair dressing students managed to squeeze in a few of our guests to have their hair done as well.

The delicious dinner was prepared and beautifully served by the students from Tredu’s Vocational Qualification in Restaurant and Catering (cooks and waiters) and the reception was handled smoothly by our students from Vocational Qualification in Tourism Industry.

We had an interesting and eventful week with our students, staff and international partners, which showed us once again that Tredu is full of international skills and a great place to learn them!

The week was organized with support from Kauppias K.P. Ruuskasen Säätiö.