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Interested in completing Finnish Basic Education Studies?

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Application period is open 25.3.-24.4.2024 for our courses that start in August 2024.

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Interested in Basic Education Studies?

Interested in basic education in Finland? Want to gain the Finnish Basic Education Certificate? At Tredu, you can continue or complete your basic education according to your own personal study plan!

Basic Education for Adults- studies consist of three phases; the literacy phase, introductory phase and final phase. We will help you in choosing the most suitable phase for you.

In Basic Education for Adults you can:

  • complete studies equivalent to the primary and secondary school studies in Finland and gain the Finnish Basic Education certificate
  • apply for upper secondary level studies, e.g. vocational training & high school after completing the final phase
  • complete individual courses
  • improve your literacy skills (reading & writing) and learn Finnish language

About Basic Education for Adults

  • In the literacy phase you will study all the core primary school subjects such as Maths, Finnish and Science. You do not need any previous Finnish skills. The goal is to reach sufficient literacy skills to continue to the introductory phase of the Basic Education for Adults – studies.

    Duration, 1 academic year.

  • The introductory phase consists of all the core primary school subjects such as Finnish, Maths, Science and English. You will need to have Finnish skills equivalent to the Beginner Level of A1.3*.

    Duration, 1.5 Academic years.

    *You can use the language in simple non-work-related situations. You can write a little.

  • In the Final Phase of the Basic Education for Adults, you will study secondary school subjects. Your Finnish skills must be equivalent to the Elementrary Level A2.1 *. In the final phase, you can acquire the Finnish Basic Education Certificate.

    Duration, 1,5 Academic years.

    *You can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to different topics.

Target Group

You are eligibile to apply if you are a migrant over the age of 17.

Application & Admission

Find out more about applying!

  • You can apply independently online at:

    Apply Here

    The link is accessible only during the official application period.

    The future application dates will be announced on this website later on. The application period will be arranged twice a year, once in the spring and autumn term.

    If you need help in applying or choosing the correct studies, you can attend the Guidance and Application Day during the nextapplication period, location Tredu Santalahdentie 10. The dates for the Guidance and application day will be informed here. 

    Please attend our Guidance and Application day, if:

    • You need help with making the application
    • You want advice with choosing the right course/education.

    If possible, please bring with you your ID with a photo and previous school and work diplomas. Welcome!

  • After applying, you will receive an invitation letter to the aptitude test via a text message or an e-mail. Aptitude tests are arranged on 14.5. and 15.5.2024.

    The aptitude test consists of a Finnish & Mathematics test as well as a formal interview. Please bring along a valid identification document, the invitation to the interview as well as any possible school certificates you may have.

    If you do not participate in the aptitude test, your application will be cancelled.

  • Admission is based on the test results as well as:

    • the student’s need for the studies
    • the student’s motivation
    • the student’s studying skills and needs

    Acceptance letter will be sent to you by an e-mail or text message. You may confirm your placement by arriving in Tredu on the first day of your studies. In case you are unable to attend, please inform us in advance. 

Find out More about Basic Education for Adults! Ohita video

Information in Different Languages

Basic Education for Adults in Somalian-Dugsiga dhexe ee dadka waaweyn
Basic Education for Adults in Arabic-التعليم الأساسي لبالغي السن
Basic Education for Adutls in Persian-آموزش مقطع ابتدایی بزرگسالان

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